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Services Guide

What services do we provide?

These are the services that our team provides to customers whom are interested in having partnerships with Matamko:

  1. Customization of Matamko Products
    If you wish to change any source codes or add any function/features on our exisiting products (other than what we have aim to commit in each release), it is always possible. We have an experienced and hardworking team to complete this task for you, so save the trouble of finding programmers and solutions online!
  2. Additional Templating Services
    If you wish to add or change any templating features of our products or any other extensions, we will be pleased to lend you a helping hand and build something that suits your system and also meet your objectives.
  3. Setting up websites
    Thinking of setting up your own Joomla! website? Feel free to get our team to do the job for you! We have a team of professional programmers and designers to come out with interesting and unique proposals. Just like, we were engaged in their initial setup of their website. If you had or wanted to subscribe to our products but have trouble building your own website, it will be a bonus as our team already has the sufficient knowledge to build a highly functional website for you.
  4. Component Development - Partnership
    Having ideas on building a Joomla! extension or any other types of system (like education portal or ERP)? You can definitely engage our team to build it for you as they already have the right skills and knowledge to start with. We will follow a systematic approach to ensure succession of the project and we can create a partnership in building this extension or system together! (:


You do not need to be a Matamko product subscriber to request these services from us. You can feel free to suggest your plans and ideas to us by filling up the "Request a Quotation" form. We will aim to provide our best quality of services to you and also ensure that your objectives and goals are reached.


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