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Version 3.0Close/Open

Fix Timezone.
Next and End button.
Export CSV.
Improvements. UI Friendly.
Submit videos entries from Youtube.
Submit Audios entries from Soundcloud.
When users submit successful, notifications will be posted on users’s facebook wall. This feature will help to drive more traffic to your facebook page.
Joomla Support
Browser Support Firefox 16+, IE 8+, Safari, Chrome

Version 2.0Close/Open

Update Search and Filter photo(s).
Comment by Facebook account.
Slide show for thumbnails.
Invite Friends to use Voting application.
Share Photo.
Insert photo's frame.
Review photo before submit.
Joomla Support 1.6 1.7 2.5
Browser Support Firefox 16+, Chrome, IE 8+, Safari

Version 1.0Close/Open

For frontend users: Submit photo.
For Admin: Manage Submission.
Manage Vote.
Manage Users.
Joomla Support 1.6 1.7 2.5
Browser Support Firefox 3.0, Opera 9+, IE 7+, Safari, Chrome

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