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Who Are We?

The Team

Daniel Tang, Technology Partner a.k.a Chief Geek

Daniel Tang's useful mix of experience in IT and business gives him an edge in leading Matamko's drive to bring innovative products and services to our customers and end-users. Daniel focuses on making sure that our clients' IT stays cutting edge, while ensuring a high level of system reliability as expected by our customers. 

Academically, Daniel was the top student in his cohort for his Degree in Computing from the National University of Singapore (NUS). After which he worked as a research engineer while completing his Masters at NUS.


The Story

The story of began in 2009 when it first released a clone. Since then, Matamko has released 4 more joomla components including the much used, and much loved En Masse, a clone. With over 300 +++ website using En Masse as their e-commerce business driving centerpiece, it is fast becoming the solutions of choice for people with not a lot of time nor resources and very little technical knowledge about owning, operating, and managing their online deals website.

Our passion lies in developing high quality, practical, and user-friendly joomla components for success driven people. Each of our components comes with supporting documentation, access to our network of support technicians, and installation & set-up guide so that your business can open its doors without hitch or incident.

Our drive is to continually improve on the products we release to keep up with the trends and changing face of today’s technical logical business environment. We believe in serving you and we believe in your success. That’s why we encourage everyone that uses our components to give us feedback and tell us how we can improve it so that we can intern make the component better and pass the benefits on to you. Our hope is for to become a household name for the development of Joomla components and we need your help and feedback to get there.

We strive for your success. We believe in your success. Let us be the tool in building and engineering your success.


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